Benefits of Food Traceability System

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Food traceability system is one of the hottest buzzwords in India today. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) defines food traceability as “the effective management of the supply, processing, handling, and distribution of biological and environmental resources of food.” Food traceability encompasses all aspects of an agricultural food system, from field to table. From field to table, every step in the food cycle (from farm to table, restaurant to a wholesaler, distributor to retailer) has to be monitored and checked for quality and safety. This monitoring and checking are done by numerous organizations, government agencies and even individual families.

But food traceability system has different meanings across the different domains. In Indian context, traceability system is considered as a vital component for traceability system. So, what are the benefits of having a traceable food supply? The benefits of food traceability system include:

* Improved Food Safety: With the advent of food traceability system, food manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers and restaurants have gained the ability to trace the origin of food ingredients and identify contamination before it becomes detrimental. As per the definition given by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), traceability is “the ability to determine where and how a food ingredient has been used, and to establish the nature and quantity of that food ingredient used.” There are various modes of traceability like record keeping, field or laboratory testing, packaging and labeling, and usage reporting. Each of these systems help in maintaining quality standards, preventing adulteration and improving food safety. Moreover, food traceability system has made Indian food market more transparent and predictable for retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and consumers. With traceability system is getting more popular, food businesses can expect consistent growth and development.

* Loss Prevention: With the help of traceable system food manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants and even food supplements manufacturers can trace, inspect, analyze and promote products that have been verified as food products. This enables them to provide customers with food items that are safe and meeting the required nutrition standard. As per FDA, traceability system is needed for the food market. By having this system, customers can buy food items that have been examined, approved for production by trusted organizations. In other words, food traceability system provides complete safety to food producers, retailers and wholesalers.

* Cost Efficient Marketing and Promoting: Food traceability system benefits the companies by reducing the cost of marketing and promoting their food products. As it is understood that each product has to pass through several phases of quality inspection, promotion and marketing, companies need to bear the heavy cost of promotion, advertisement and marketing which also increase the cost. But now with food traceability system these activities are simplified. Through this process you can trace a food item and then you can determine the genuineness of that product, thus, reducing the cost. So food producers, retailers, wholesalers, restaurants can meet their cost-effective marketing needs.

food traceability system helps traceable brands reach consumers safely. The consumers can easily recognize and know about a particular food product by using this system. So you should implement food traceability system today and reap rich harvest this season.

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