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If you live in Dover Delaware and are suffering from unexplainable pain in your back or your search on the internet for a chiropractor near me. Dover Health Care Center has the best chiropractor in Dover DE

The Dover family chiropractor at Dover Health Care Centre is specially trained not only to relieve pain and restore body functions properly; they also identify the reason and source of any discomfort and dysfunction in your body. Finding the cause and source of any discomfort allows them to take a holistic approach and address the reason, not just the symptoms that will help you obtain and enjoy the healthiest lifestyle. With their effective and natural Dover chiropractic, patients will always obtain the health they always hoped for. 

Upon your first visit to Dover Health Care Center, their chiropractic doctors and staff will welcome you and make sure that you know exactly what to expect during your visit, for you to feel as comfortable as possible.  During your first visit, you will experience the following procedure. 

  • Postural evaluation
  • Foot Levellers custom foot scan
  • Nerve scan

You will then have a consultation with one of our chiropractors in Dover Delaware, in which the following will be discussed: your health history, your current complaints (if any), and how chiropractic can help you.

Once the consultation is completed and questions have been answered, Dover chiropractor will then perform a thorough chiropractic exam including the following:

  • Orthopedics and neurological testing
  • X-rays, when necessary

Once the doctors have collected all of the necessary information, a second visit will then be set up for your second visit, either the same day or the day after so that you can be given your results quickly and begin care as soon as possible.

On your second visit, after reviewing your information and test results, we will give you a full report of our findings. You will be informed of the following:

  • The details of your presenting problem
  • How we can help you
  • The duration of your care plan
  • Insurance coverage and costs involved

Their Dover Family Chiropractor will explain everything before starting any care so you can choose to move forward feeling fully informed. They will recommend that you will bring a friend or family member along with you on the second appointment, since reviewing this information is a lot to take, and bringing someone along with you can be a great help. 

The Dover Chiropractor, at Dover Health Care Center, has a comprehensive approach to healthcare that considers all the data involved in finding true wellness. Dover Chiropractor at DHCC provides patients with exercise and nutritional counseling, in addition to the best chiropractic care. 

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