Contribution of Plastic Industry against COVID-19

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Plastic is one of the essential things that play a significant role in the healthcare industry during COVID-19. Did you ever check around during a doctor visit? Somewhere you can find plastic products around you, from hand gloves to blood bags and many more.

Among them, plastic packaging is a major important thing for medical applications. Innovation in plastics is the only reason which makes it such a Possible big thing. Now I would like to share some contributions of plastic during this pandemic situation.

Plastic Bags:

Plastic packaging grew more popular in many hospitals, during COVID as they are observed to be more comfortable to keep something inside it and it is easy to use. Here plastic bags are used for collecting clinical waste to keep it safe.

Not only to keep medical waste. It is to store important medical things to store it in a safe place. Depending upon the user application, it is possible to manufacture the plastic bag accordingly.

Hand Sanitizer bottles:

During the COVID-19 situation, sanitizer is one of the important things where everyone is in the situation to use frequently to clean our hands.

These bottles are manufacture with PET plastic material. Many industries manufacture plastic bottles for hand sanitizers. As the sanitizer bottles are manufacture with PET, it is easy to recycle which helps to make one. And recycling reduces wastage thrown in the landfills.

Plastics in ventilators:

Ventilators are specially designed to provide ventilation by transferring the moving air in and out for the patients. Plastics are used in the ventilators reason such as biologically inert, lightweight, and strong. During this COVID it is also essential for

The advantage of using plastic material is durable and resistant to the atmosphere, insulating property, acoustic property, and lower manufacturing costs.

Plastic Screens:

Plastic screens are available to protect us from coronavirus, and it is primarily for protecting a person and avoid the spreading of any diseases. It acts as a barrier and reduces exposure to the disease. As it is developing with plastic it is durable and protects us from some kinds of disease.

Plastics Syringe Tubes:

Generally, syringe tubes are manufacturing with plastic material. This variety of plastic contributes much more reliability among the piston and the barrel.

Also, it is affordable enough to dispose of after usage and reducing the risk of spreading diseases.

This is how the plastic industry contributes to fighting against the COVID, and apart from the Plastic products are still in use with different forms in the medical industry.

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