Top 5 Seasonal Trending Ideas for a Picture-Perfect Wedding of 2021!

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The onset of the wedding season after this pandemic gives us the hope to see the happy faces of our loved ones. Initially, Indian weddings used to be a grand affair for any family as compared to recent times. But, since the covid times, people are making it more and a more intimate experience. Everyone has been thoughtfully conceptualizing their pre-and post-nuptials, thinking of the rough times amidst the situation. But even though times are desperate and testing, we can still manage to smile and enjoy the moment with our loved ones. The delightful delicacies, vibrant clothes, groovy music and carefully following the precautionary norms because the fight against this pandemic is still not over.

Let’s explore the possibilities of how one can still manage to have a dreamy wedding full of fun and laughter while creating memories with current trends.

  • Try Organizing the Intimate Wedding: We all know the wedding definition to be like a grand event where every distant relative is bound to meet. Long-lost friends and many other people who haven’t seen you for years get to meet you during the wedding ceremonies. But this year, everything is turning out to be different; folks are choosing it to be more precise and among only the closed-knit. Celebrating a wedding like this has its perks, like you will be more relaxed, enjoy, able to spend quality time, save more, and will be able to focus on minute details.
  • Personalized Gifts: Weddings are all about a touch of love. From customized dresses to accessories, everything plays an important role. Hand embroidered shlokas to the groom’s name are seen on bridal lehengas, bangles, chunri, and many other bridal things. These days marriages are more than just a wedding, as families spend on personalized gifts for guests, which can be given as a wedding souvenir for everyone. Classic idols, plants, and many other imprinted items are presented as return gifts that carry the memories for a lifetime.
  • Sustainability: Many couples are opting for eco-friendly weddings, which are less harmful to our environment, from carefully selecting menus so that wasting can be reduced to eco-friendly fabrics, utensils, and packaging as already we have done much harm to our green planet. Now, after the pandemic, people are more aware that nature is our real treasure which should be preserved at any cost for future generations. The skin-friendly dresses are very much in due to the trending awareness of the environment; fabrics like pure cotton, linen, tissue are used to create some unique and breathable wedding attires.
  • Support Traditional Artists and Designers: It’s all about getting the actual art and supporting local designers and artists these days. One can witness traditional designs, artworks, and handwork coming to life during weddings. And no Indian wedding is completed without traditional lehengas or sarees with handcrafted embroideries and genuine fabrics. The kind of work this age-old art-craft brings is something that can be treasured for generations.
  • Staycation and Basic Décor: Safety and precautions are the real deal during a wedding this year. It is all about being careful while you enjoy your blissful days. When we talk about decorations, it’s more now handmade stuff from flowers to colourful fabrics, making most of the space for all the rituals. Staycations are more desirable as compared to big hotels, as limited guests are allowed, and one can be safer to enjoy all the ceremonies happily.

No matter what the situation is, weddings in India will always be the biggest of all the events in any family. The month-long celebrations, special rituals for the new beginning of bride and groom, and all the pre-and post-wedding ceremonies everything has its importance and cannot be ignored. With every wedding comes a long list of requirements like customized wedding dresses, accessories, decorations, and other stuff, which takes months of planning and shopping from several places. Happiness comes with sharing and celebrating; this is the mantra for every family. To mark every new chapter in life, we seek elders’ blessings, perform sacred rituals, and live in every moment with our entire family and friends to celebrate the littlest pleasures. This is possible when families come together during these grandest of events like weddings. Weddings are not two-person uniting but also the unification of two families over the bond of love and trust for generations.

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